Do you remember everyone striving for work/life balance? Well, whether we like it or not, it seems our world has shifted more towards a work/life blend. I've noticed this shift firsthand while visiting numerous showrooms. The products are a nod toward what's being called - "the Livable Office."

A workspace that feels more like a living room or lounge is what our clients are gravitating towards more often. Collaborative environments - once considered a trend, are now here to stay. More and more our clients are looking for an element of fun and refreshment in their work areas. This includes things such as the lowering of workstation panels, clear glass where there used to be walls, and allowing for a flurry of teaming areas.

These types of work spaces consist of less sitting and more circulating, therefor more conversation opportunities and impromptu meetings taking place with technology integration and plug and play at your finger tips. Our spaces are designed to be more mobile and transparent, much like the job functions of our clients.

Over the last month I've visited numerous showrooms in New York for furnishing and finish selections. Here are some highlights:


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