Leadership Institute

As a company, we’re continuing to keep our eyes fixed on our strategic plan. We continue our 100% commitment to the belief that by developing an internal culture where, regardless of your title or the specific role you may play within the L&F organization, you work to strengthen the leadership and service relationship with your co-owners and clients – those moments of truth that we talk about so often. To accomplish this critical objective, we must develop confident leaders at all levels within L&F – leadership that’s on-board to actively, deliberately and passionately move forward to strengthen L&F in every way possible. At Luckett & Farley we believe that authentic leadership doesn’t wait to be asked or invited to solve a problem, but rather sees an opportunity to make a positive change and has the confidence and courage to do it – without being asked or directed to do so by somebody else! That’s leadership!


At Luckett & Farley you have the opportunity to apply and develop your leadership skills through our Leadership Institute. As a result of going through this type of organization-wide, integrated leadership development series, the following are deliverables L&F can expect:

  • Enhancement & development of participant leadership skills & competencies
  • A forum for peer mentoring, sharing and team building
  • Improved working relationships at all levels within L&F
  • Personal practices and a common language that will support leadership and personal development
  • Consistent understanding and execution of “The L&F Way”
  • Integrated, customized development series & curriculum

Value to YOU

Leadership occurs on an informal and formal basis. Every effective leader starts off as a good follower. Whether you supervise others is not as important as your desire to enhance your career by developing a clear understanding of leadership traits.

  • A better understanding of the fundamentals of leadership, regardless of your current role at L&F
  • Develop skills to create stronger working relationships with people at all levels and roles within L&F
  • Be a part of a network of guiding leaders within L&F
  • Network effectively and strategically
  • Better manage yourself, team members and processes for more effective results. Learn methods for developing trust amongst peers
  • Develop the skills to make L&F a better place for everyone

Leadership Development & Succession

It’s important to us to encourage leadership development within the firm and provide opportunities for advancement and ownership succession.

Service Project

LFLI students will participate in a Service Project as a leadership group. The topics covered during the LFLI are invaluable to the Service Project component. Active participation in the group project will strengthen the class dynamic by allowing you to use what we’ve learned during each session in a tangible and personal way. The Service Project also serves to increase the visibility of Luckett & Farley in our hometown area, all while doing ‘good work’. Additionally, service to others and the community while working as part of a team is a great opportunity to strengthen networking and leadership skills.

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