From a recent Business First Louisville article

by Kevin Eigelbach

A Louisville architecture and construction management firm is remodeling part of the building that served as the inspiration for The Daily Planet, which is, as most people know, the fictional newspaper where Superman worked while disguised as Clark Kent.

Luckett & Farley, Architects, Engineers and Construction Managers Inc.’s media and entertainment group is renovating part of The Daily News Building in New York City for television station WPIX-TV. The project is in the design phase now, and the company hopes to start construction at the beginning of next year, said Mike Mazeika, director of the media and entertainment group.

Over the past few years, Luckett & Farley has renovated several floors of the building, Mazeika said in an interview. The latest renovation involves about 12,000 to 15,000 square feet on the second floor, he added. He declined to say how much revenue the job was expected to produce.

The Daily News building, at 220 E. 42nd St., is famous for the large globe in its lobby. The globe can bee seen in a shot from “Superman,” the 1978 movie that starred Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder, and the exterior of the building stood in for the exterior of the Daily Planet building.

The Daily News project is just one example of the success of the media/entertainment group. The group just finished a large project in Los Angeles, a 20,000 square-foot performance venue for iHeartRadio, Mazeika said.

About 10 architects and five engineers work for the group, which has added four employees over the past three years and lost none, he said. The group produces at least 20 percent of the firm’s annual revenue, he said.

“What we’re doing here in Louisville is blowing entertainment and media executives away,” president and CEO Edward C. Jerdonek said.

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