In my last entry, we talked a little bit about lean in healthcare and how it can be helpful, and identified the eight wastes.  Now, let’s talk about ways to eliminate a few of those wastes in master planning.

The waste of waiting

The waste of wait is essentially described as the time a product or task spends not being worked on.  If time is money, as many people say it is, wait takes money out of your pocket.  One way to cut down on wait in the design process is through efficient project management.  Good project management not only helps to meet deadlines; it also keeps everyone and everything focused and on the same clear critical path, which minimizes confusion, miscommunication, and mistakes.  Doing the job right the first time keeps us from having to waste time doing it over again.

The waste of overproduction

Overproduction is making more of a product than you can sell, or doing work that your client has not requested.  Any action performed or product made that is not paid for by a client is waste.  This can be prevented by having a sturdy Quality Management System in place.  Luckett & Farley’s QMS begins with a clear understanding of the scope of work and client expectations.  The understanding is enhanced by our in-house team of experts through multiple review meetings to communicate and coordinate progress.  This helps avoid miscommunication and having to perform unnecessary work.

The waste of defect

Defects, naturally, are damaged or incorrectly produced items or tasks.  Defective services or goods result in a loss of revenue, inventory, and time.  Luckett & Farley has time tested procedures for checking documents before they are released as part of our quality control system.  Each discipline has a very detailed checklist from review of different types of documents.  This quality control is conducted by each individual discipline, and then one more in an L&F team review.

The last entry in this series will cover cutting the wastes of inventory, transportation and talent in master planning.  Stay tuned!

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